At present, around the world conduct research aimed at providing fuel savings and partial replacement of traditional fossil hydrocarbon sources of energy, resources within the foreseeable future may be exhausted.


Permanent increase in oil prices, local and global pollution of the planet wastes from oil caused the attractiveness of biofuels - an environmentally clean fuel from renewable biological resources, such as:


Pellets and briquettes from waste wood processing, agricultural waste - rice husk, sunflower husk, straw, oats, etc., of mining waste, as well as from chicken manure;


Biogas from agricultural waste and food waste;


Bioethanol from feed corn, canola, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc.


Biodiesel fuel - fuel derived from vegetable fats and animal origin and used ( in pure or mixed form ) to replace petroleum diesel.


For the production of 1000 tons of biodiesel oil to 980 tons, 125 tons of methyl alcohol, 14,200 kg. catalyst.


The crude biodiesel can also be used as furnace fuel, and glycerol obtained by purification in pharmacology.


Besides waste production of rapeseed oil - is a high-calorie, protein- rich feed for farm animals. In the production of biodiesel can be produced and phosphate fertilizers.


Many important environmental component : combustion in engines, biodiesel practically forms sulfur emissions of CO and CH is reduced by 15-20% in comparison with mineral diesel fuels.


Due to the natural origin - biodiesel is less toxic. After contact with the soil is easily decomposed to harmless products within a month.

Increased production of biofuels from renewable sources can solve a range of economic and environmental problems, and help to bring agriculture to a new level of development.


However, we can consider biodiesel fuel pellets and briquettes as a panacea. They are not the only alternative to fuels derived from petroleum.


Are being developed for the production of bioethanol - ethanol from plant material (straw, seaweed, etc.).


There are prospects for consumption as a result of the bioconversion of agricultural waste.


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